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Deluxe Multi-Service Mallorca

Deluxe Multi-Service is a professional company with proven experience. All our staff members are trained and follow protocols to comply with quality standards

We have various cleaning and disinfection services tailored to every need. We perform routine maintenance and one-off services, as required by the client.

Professional cleaners for houses, flats and offices

Residential Cleaning Service

Residential Cleaning Service

Keep your home looking beautiful, clean and disinfected without even having to worry about it.

We provide different options for apartment and house cleaning in Mallorca, depending on your needs:

One-off cleaning service

Designed for specific situations that require professional cleaning .

Deep Cleaning

Cleaning for removals, renovations, season changes, etc.

Routine Cleaning

We have weekly, biweekly and monthly cleaning services.

All our cleaning services are tailored to your needs, we coordinate the schedule and tasks, including all the details and preferences that you specify.

We clean your home so that you can make the most of your precious time !

Holiday Rental and Second Home Cleaning

We have a cleaning service for holiday rental properties and second homes.


Deep cleaning service for your holiday apartment or second home


Additional general maintenance service, bulb replacement, heating/air con checks, etc.

Laundry Service

We clean your linen, do your washing, ironing, etc.

Holiday Rentals: We prepare everything for your guests between bookings, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Second Homes: We prepare your property so that everything is clean and prepared to your liking upon arrival, We will even fill your fridge and do your shopping for you

Holiday Rental and Second Home Cleaning
Office Cleaning

Office, Venue and Community Cleaning

When you choose us, you are guaranteed a quality, safe and flexible cleaning service..

All our cleaning services are tailored to your needs and we adapt to your requirements. We will manage the schedule, the tasks to be completed and all of your preferences.

Office Cleaning

We keep your offices in perfect condition, either on a weekly basis or any other time you might need us.

Commercial Premises Cleaning

Exterior and interior cleaning of your business premises as per the agreed frequency and schedule.

Community and Communal Area Cleaning

Cleaning service for homeowners’ association maintenance, we clean the communal areas, including the gardens and swimming pools, if so required.


We have an area disinfection service for both individuals and companies.

We have now added a COVID-19 area disinfection service. Contact us


Professional mattress cleaning Mallorca

Deep Mattress Cleaning

Professional mattress cleaning, dust mite removal

Avoid allergy to house dust

House dust allergy is the second most common cause of allergic reactions. A corresponding immune reaction can occur at any age.

Fast and Effective Cleaning

The deep cleaning of your mattresses is done in a very comfortable way and without any effort for you and at home. Fast, efficient and economical! No unnecessary transport costs and no waiting times.

Quality services

We strongly believe that our services should be perfect the first time around, that's why we strive to achieve the best results.

Experienced professionals

We have an expert team for each of our service departments.


Excellent Customer Service

We provide comprehensive and tailored advice. We seek the best solutions for each client.

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