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Deluxe Multi-Service Mallorca

Professional window cleaning in Mallorca

Whatever your reason for seeking help with window and glass cleaning, you’ll find the service you need at Deluxe Multi-Service.

We provide professional industrial and commercial window cleaning, as well as services for private homes.


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Office Window Cleaning


Window Cleaning in Sports, Social Centres, etc.


Window Cleaning in Neighbourhood Communities


Window Cleaning in Private Homes

All our window cleaning services are tailored to suit your needs, and we arrange the frequency and timings with you.

We’ll keep your windows spotless!

Quality services

We strongly believe that our services should be perfect the first time around, that's why we strive to achieve the best results.

Experienced professionals

We have an expert team for each of our service departments.


Excellent Customer Service

We provide comprehensive and tailored advice. We seek the best solutions for each client.

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