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Deluxe Multi-Service Mallorca


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The Company

Deluxe Multi-Service Mallorca

Deluxe Multi-Service is a company in Mallorca dedicated to providing various services for cleaning, construction and renovations. We have a team that specialises in the maintenance of luxury villas and houses in Mallorca. We provide a professional and tailored service to ensure that your property is kept perfect, meeting any type of need at any time of the year. We offer fast and guaranteed quality solutions We always notify our clients about every maintenance task or incident that may occur on their property.

All team members have been selected based on their skills, experience and training. Our qualified staff and partners, with a supervised level of demand, are what makes us a leading company.

We can handle one-off jobs or cover year-round maintenance. We adapt to the needs and establish a tailored plan for each client.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer and of your questions.

Quality services

Creemos firmemente que nuestros servicios deben ser perfectos la primera vez, por eso trabajamos para obtener los mejores resultados.

Experienced professionals

We have an expert team for each of our service departments.


Excellent Customer Service

We provide comprehensive and tailored advice. We seek the best solutions for each client.


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